#learnITwithCifelli <hello world>

Yo! What's up everybody! I guess it's time to announce the cliche' "Hello World". I intend on using this site to share my journey and experiences with YOU!

My plan right now is going to be to share as much as possible with you during my journey whether it be config snippets, videos, straight blogs, best practice, personal opinions, etc.! I want to explore new things and share 'The What?', 'The Why?', & 'The How?' with you!

Stay tuned, come back, follow along, subscribe, and share your thoughts with me on my content! Thanks to those who pushed me to do this. Spread the word to Go learnITwithCifelli! Let's GO!


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Sharing an issue that took me some time to troubleshoot & figure out in my dual hub single cloud FlexVPN lab/post (see here: Configuring & Verifying FlexVPN Redundancy with Dual Hub & Single Cloud). S

FlexVPN Redundancy Tidbit

I want to cover the most commonly used FlexVPN redundancy designs since I intend on building out a few scenarios to play with for studying purposes. The most common designs include: Dual cloud approa


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