ESA CLI Tips Tidbit

In this tidbit I will cover some ESA nice-to-know CLI commands & their purposes:

> status = view counters/gauges; counters are a total of various events in the system; gauges show current utilization of system resources

> status detail

> hoststatus = returns monitoring info about email ops relating to specific recipient;

> tophosts = list of top 20 recipient hosts in queue;

> rate = real-time monitoring about email ops

> hostrate = real-time monitoring info on specific mail host

> topin = shows a snapshot of remote hosts connecting to the ESA

> dnsstatus = counter displaying stats for DNS lookup/cache info

The following are a few ways to manage the email queue:

> deleterecipients = lets you manage the delivery queue & delete recipients if necessary

> bouncerecipients = hard bounce recipients waiting for delivery

> redirectrecipients = redirect messages in email delivery queue to another relay host

> showrecipients = view messages in email delivery queue;

> suspenddel = sets ESA into suspended delivery state

> resumedel = return to regular ops

> suspendlistener = ESA will not accept connections to specific port of the configured listener

> resumelistener = return listener to normal state

> resume = resumes delivery & receiving

> findevent = allows you to search mail logs for a particular message;

Managing interfaces from cli:

> etherconfig

Managing vlans:

> interfaceconfig

That wraps this tidbit up, Cheers!


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