Cisco ISE API Filters Tidbit

I want to briefly share a few "good-to-knows" when it comes to supported API filters when consuming ISE APIs.

As we know in your request you would have something along the lines of this:


You have the ability to sort using the following filters:

EQ: Equals

NEQ: Not Equals

GT: Greater Than

LT: Less Then

STARTW: Starts With

NSTARTSW: Not Starts With

ENDSW: Ends With

NENDSW: Not Ends With

CONTAINS: Contains

NCONTAINS: Not Contains

So if we wanted to do an Equal filter when searching for an endpoint group it would look like this:


Or, if we wanted to do search for a group that contains a string we can use something like the following:


I definitely recommend playing with the filters to meet your unique desires. Curl is a good command line tool for quickly testing. Lastly, remember to check the ISE SDK!



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