April 2021 - All Things ASA

So the last few months I have been slowly chipping away at items on the blueprint in kind of an arbitrary order. This was great as I was able to focus on some weaker areas first & things I wanted to cover. However, this kept me away from covering certain items which made me realize I needed to revisit my plan. So, I want to start targeting monthly topics which will allow me to better track progress and blueprint items.

The month of April is going to be all things ASA. From understanding mode types, contexts, high availability options, IP connectivity, NAT, VPN types, etc. (you name it). Buckle in & enjoy the ride (content). Thanks for staying with me, Cheers!


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ASA Security Contexts Tidbit

In this tidbit I want to explain what Cisco ASA Security Contexts are in this blog. A very plain & simple way to put it, security contexts are a way to logically divide the ASA into multiple logical

Deploying an ASA in Transparent Mode

"The What?" - In this blog I want to explore 1 of the 2 ASA modes, Transparent mode. In this mode the ASA is no longer in routed mode acting as a L3 routed hop. The ASA actually operates as a L2 bum

Securing BGP on Cisco IOS

"The What?" - In this post I want to cover securing the BGP routing protocol on Cisco IOS. "The Why?" - Securing BGP aides in deterring commonly known TCP threats. As a reminder BGP uses TCP port 179


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